Friday, 11 July 2008

Round robin stylings

zzwhitejd had a good question. There are an odd number of participants so the swap is "round robin" or “a->b->c”.
Your assigned partner is downstream or your spoilee and your upstream partner is your spoiler and unknown to you until revealed...
MrsNiddyNoddy and I talked (about round robin vs. partner to partner) off Ravelry and I wasn't thinking about how that bit of info might be "good to know". I hope I didn't confuse anyone : D

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Partners are assigned

Look for a PM in your Ravelry message box. And then start your swaps!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Due dates and Questionnaire

Questionnaire up on blog or Ravelry by 6/2324/08 due 7/7/08
Partners assigned 7/9/08 (July 9, 2008)
Contact due 7/23/08 (July 23, 2008)

Packages mailed by 8/6/08 (August 6, 2008)
Packages received by 8/27/08 (August 27, 2008)

Questionnaire (adapted from knitters-treasure-swap):

  1. Ravelry name

  2. Please list your food intolerances/allergies/sensitivities: (Please indicate whether or not you are happy to receive items containing wheat starch.)

  3. A food item you always use

  4. A food item you would never use

  5. Type (or difficulty level) of cooking (or baking) you prefer:

  6. Favourite flavours

  7. Favourite smells

  8. Favourite beverage

  9. Please list your knit/crochet/weaving/spinning/sewing crafts/hobbies:

  10. Small projects you enjoy

  11. Projects you dislike

  12. Favourite yarn/fiber

  13. Favourite colour

  14. Favourite colour combination

  15. Yarn/fiber and colour you would never use

  16. Wish list items you would like to receive (and can’t find locally)
  17. Things your swap partner might like to know (example: family situation, kids, pets, blog url, etc.)

optional questions I know I wouldn’t mind answering
and the more a swap partner knows, the better the package!

  • Favourite animal(s)
  • Favourite books/magazines/TV show
  • Favourite symbols/shapes/icons
  • Collections?
  • Friday, 23 May 2008

    Swap requirements

    OK, I'm going to keep this fairly simple.

    The requirements for the gluten-free swap are:

    1) A gluten-free item. This must be a sealed, purchased item from a reputable gluten-free manufacturer. (It doesn't have to be an item made specifically for the gf market, but it must definitely be free from contamination.) Oh, and do check that you're not sending a proscribed item - this gives the rules as to which items can be imported into the UK. If anyone knows of a similar set of rules for their own country I'd be grateful to add it. I know I've sent biscuits (cookies) and teabags to the US before with no problems.

    2) A recipe. This is where you can share your favourite home-cooked items. If your recipe requires an ingredient that would be difficult for your recipient to find, perhaps that could be your gluten-free item. (This is where communication comes in - email your recipient to find out!)

    3) Enough yarn for a small project - yarn is gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose-free, nut-free - YAY!

    4) Any other fun bits and pieces you think your recipient would like.

    The subject of Codex wheat has already been raised on the Ravelry board
    . My personal view is that it is safer to avoid this, some C(o)eliacs to react to it. (For those of you who don't know what I'm on about, this link explains it.) Please be sensitive to your recipient's wishes.

    As with many such swaps I'm going to set a minimum spending limit - of $30 USD (£15) excluding postage. If anyone wants to spend more than that, that's fine, but if that is beyond your budget at the moment, then I'm afraid this swap is not for you. (Similarly, if you overspend wildly, but receive a package which meets the bare minimum, please don't be upset about it - $30 may be as much as someone can afford. Also, bear in mind that gluten-free products may vary widely in cost in different countries.)

    I'll open sign-ups after the weekend.

    Yay - this is exciting!

    Thursday, 22 May 2008


    Welcome to the gluten-free swap blog. This is where the requirements and questionnaire will be hosted.